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by on Jun.26, 2008, under Uncategorized

Watch my Comedy Now! special. It will be airing Saturday July 26th at 10pm Eastern on CTV, and Sunday on the Comedy Network at 10pm, and 2am.

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  • carol

    Way to go, Jon! Can’t wait to see your show

  • Gabe Cloutier

    Hey Jon,
    My little brother(Johnny Cloutier) and I will hook up after I finish my work day to watch this MOFO tonight.

    That’s awesome – hope all is well.

  • scott hastings

    I just finished watching you special i thought you were hilarious the part about the mallocaust and the concentration camp was priceless congrats you are a very funny man

  • Piper

    I missed the bit from the Great Canadian Laugh-off about your blind roommate :-( Still very funny though. Good and edgy. I’m glad it’s getting out there. Keep up the awesome – and maybe come to Victoria?

  • Brian grehan

    A friend of mine told me about you a year or so ago—funniest stuff I have ever heard–delivery and timing is excellent not to mention the material–truly the best stand up today–would love to see you live–I live in Mississauga.

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